Walking School Bus

    Photo credit: David Kawai, Ottawa Citizen

What do you have when you combine healthy exercise with hands-on street proofing lessons and reduced air pollution emissions? A WALKING SCHOOL BUS!

A Walking School Bus (WSB) is simply a group of children walking together under the supervision of one or more adults following a prescribed route and schedule. Like a regular school bus, it offers a safe, dependable, healthy, and green way for children to get to school versus being driven in a car.

For parents it means peace of mind knowing their child isn't walking alone, and saves them time and energy during the morning rush to school and work.

Ottawa Walking School Bus Pilot Project: Since 2010, GCC has introduced School Travel Planning (STP) to 24 elementary schools across the City of Ottawa (as of April 2015). STP survey results at these schools consistently indicated that more parents would allow their child to walk to school if they did not walk alone. In light of this, GCC conceived of the Ottawa Walking School Bus Pilot Project (English only) as a means to allow more schools to reap the benefits of a WSB by reducing some of the barriers to introducing and sustaining a WSB within school communities. Learn more about how this pilot project has evolved into an ongoing program with the support of the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority.

Watch the videos: Ottawa Walking School Bus video 1, and Ottawa Walking School Bus video 2, made possible by Safer Roads Ottawa.

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Parents can share their Walking School Bus experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #walktoschool.

A WSB helps to fulfill Guideline #16 of Child and Youth Friendly Land Use and Transportation Planning Guidelines: For younger children, help arrange walking school buses and other means of supervision.

Walk, walk with a bus
Join us everyday 
Be happy and safe 
And make new friends 
Be part of our new way 

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