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Walking and Wheeling Spring 2015 Activities from Toronto STP pilot schools

North Bay-Parry Sound District’s 2015 BIKE WALK ROLL 2 SCHOOL Week

The North Bay-Parry Sound District Health Unit challenged schools to promote biking, walking, or rolling to school for the entire week, with prizes awarded to the schools that could produce the largest improvement in their active travel to school (ATS) rates from Monday to Friday.

P.L. Roberston Public School in Milton Ontario's first "walking only" school P.L. Robertson Public School in Milton set an innovative culture from day one when they opened their doors for the first time. Children here are strongly encouraged to walk, skate or bike for the short trip to and from the school, prompting some to call it the first “walking only” school in Ontario. It helps that 98 per cent of the children who attend the school live within easy walking distance, but for those in outlying areas, there are designated drop-off points that still allow children a healthy walk to reach the school. The capital cost for the designation of this “walking only” school was largely for bicycle racks - enough for 280 bicycles. This unprecedented move built great awareness of the importance of the daily choice to use active school transportation. P.L. Robertson is getting attention around the country and around the world for its innovative measures, appearing in a profusion of news articles from trade papers to general newspapers. Now that’s worthy of attention!