International Walk to School Month (IWALK)

Join students and families across Canada to celebrate International Walk to School Month (IWALK)


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International Walk to School Day: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

About IWALK:                               

International Walk to School Month (IWALK) is an annual global event taking place each October. It is a mass celebration of active transportation and its related issues are used to introduce communities to the Active & Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program.

“Our iWalk campaign re-emphasizes that preserving the environment requires everyone to collectively do their part in any way possible. As a whole, we can move mountains if we want to. This energy is the epitome of our efforts. We are calling everyone to take action in order to make our world a better place.” Peppi Kondilis-Minos, Vice-Principal, Bowmore Road JS Public School, Toronto.

The proportion of journeys to school made by car has increased considerably in the last several years, with the knock-on effect being a gradual decline in the number of children walking and wheeling to and from school on a regular basis. The key themes that are promoted during IWALK include: increasing daily physical activity, improving safety, enhancing the environment, reducing levels of crime, developing community cohesion, promoting social interaction, and reducing traffic congestion, pollution and speed near schools.