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The Active & Safe Routes to School program is primarily parent-driven but there are many opportunities for involvement of students through classroom activities that link to the Ontario Curriculum. As well, other school related groups and users can be engaged in the program, e.g. Environmental Clubs, in-school day cares, English as a Second Language (ESL) students and After School Programs. There are also opportunities to network with other schools - both in Canada and abroad.

iSchoolTravel Calculator - this tool can help individuals and groups measure their impacts arising from transportation to and from school. Its unique ability to balance accuracy, details, student identity safety, simplicity and fun allows easy access to measurable and meaningful results. Teachers or school administrators can also customize the calculator for individual schools and use the iSchoolTravel tool set to capture classroom travel demographics. Through the use of Classroom Codes, teachers or administrators can:

  • Pre-configure the calculator with the school name and address, local cost of gasoline, and unit of measure (imperial or metric)
  • Add a customized welcome message that displays when the calculator is access and the purchased Classroom Code is entered.
  • Pre-configure travel mode attribute survey questions which display at the end of the calculation
  • Establish a classroom database where students can "pledge" their current and planned travel results for anonymous upload
  • Access uploaded data for analysis and reporting, either for in-classroom exploration, developing a classroom goal for programs such as iWalk week or Bike to School Week, or as a pre and post active travel engagement program results comparison.

The iSchoolTravel calculator is provided through a partnership with the Toronto Student Transportation Group and Green Communities Canada.

Active & Safe Routes to School Program links to the Elementary - Ontario School Curriculum Expectations. We have indicated below where a potential fit exists by grade and associated expectations. This document was produced in partnership with York Region Health Services and York Region District School Board.

Just released: Lessons in Sustainable Happiness, from Dr. Catherine O'Brien, Cape Breton University. The e-book builds on Dr. O'Brien's groundbreaking work on Sustainable Happiness and includes a chapter specifically for teachers.

Sustainable Happiness Teachers’ Resources - a Teacher’s Guide for grades P/K-6. Lesson plans are designed to meet Canadian health education curriculum outcomes for each province. Many lesson plans could readily be adapted to older grades

Bike Safe/Walk Smart DVDs are available through Active and Safe Routes to School. Click here to request a copy or have a look at the classroom notes below:

Walk Smart DVD Follow-up Key Messages, Activities, and Talking Points
Bike Safe DVD Follow-up Activities and Talking Points

The Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools: Understanding Your Policy Options in the City of Toronto helps schools and residents improve traffic safety in their neighbourhoods.

It is available as a PDF for download from, along with a web version that includes downloadable templates and samples from the accompanying toolkit.
The guide is the result of a project by Green Communities Canada in partnership with Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, University of Toronto School of the Environment, Toronto Public Health, Toronto District School Board, and CultureLink Settlement & Community Services.

Active and Safe Routes to School Cycling Resource Manual  This manual has been created by BC’s HASTE (Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions), with support from Transport Canada. HASTE staff worked with programmers and consultants from across Canada to develop this resource manual for schools looking to encourage and support students cycling to school.

This manual is intended as a resource for schools, school districts, and municipalities interested in supporting and encouraging cycling trips by school community members, including students, families, and school staff.

Download the manual here: available in both english and french.

Greening Trees Greening a tree is a fun, easy, and illustrative way to encourage students to walk or wheel to school. The program uses different coloured leaves for each method of getting to school (buff-coloured leaves for driving in a private vehicle, light green leaves for taking the school bus or transit, and dark green leaves for using active modes of transportation). When asked how they travelled to school on a particular day, each student is given a paper leaf whose colour corresponds to that method of travel. The leaves are then attached to paper trunk which is displayed prominently in the school (the entry hall for example), and the greener the tree, the more active the school population is in terms of their transportation choices.Green Communities thanks the Region of Waterloo’s Active & Safe Routes to School Workgroup for sharing this innovative idea.

Greening Tree Project Instructions (DOC)
Greening Tree Graphic (DOC)
Greening Tree Project Leaf Shapes (DOC)

Walking School Bus Song by Charlotte Diamond:
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