High Schools and Active & Safe Routes to School

Involving youth in active and sustainable transportation

Between 2010 and 2012 the School Travel Planning model was adapted for high schools and the model was piloted at 7 Ottawa area high schools. The model focuses specifically on youth engagement and the development of leadership skills amongst participants. This case study provides the background for the project as well as lessons learned.

Work is underway to research best practice in high school projects related to active and sustainable transportation. As we locate interesting and inspiring projects we will provide information and links on these pages.

Resources on these pages were designed by students and teachers to help secondary schools get walking, biking, blading, boarding, bussing and carpooling. Use these resources to address:

  • traffic congestion around schools at drop-off and pick-up times
  • parking issues on school property
  • physical inactivity of students
  • pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • lack of youth friendly transit
  • air quality problems

Send us details of your High School active and sustainable transportation projects. info@saferoutestoschool.ca

Project Ideas and Resources

International Walk to School Month (IWALK)

School Travel Planning

Idling at School



Project Tricycle

Nova Scotia Resources for Youth