Getting Started…

Education for Active & Safe Routes to School programs includes teaching essential traffic safety skills - pedestrian and bicycle safety education - as well as a focus on learning about the health, fitness and environmental considerations that relate to transportation choices. This is true not only for the students but for their families as well. We have provided a range of traffic safety information here to help get you started.

Traffic Safety

Encouragement & Fun

Creating opportunities for school communities to celebrate and enjoy an event or a series of events is an important part of developing a program that will be successful. A great way to spark interest, inspiration and motivation for families to take part is through special events like International Walk to School in October each year IWALK, Winter Walk Day, and Spring into Spring.

Contests and opportunities to build interest and enthusiasm:

  • Walking Across Canada or Walk Around the World.
  • Golden Shoe Awards, Decorated Sneaker Days, Rubber Boot Parades

Strategies to add students' efforts and present their achievements visually:

Greening Tree Project Instructions (DOC)
Greening Tree Graphic (DOC)
Greening Tree Project Leaf Shapes (DOC)

  • Greening the Trees, adding a leaf for each walker to a twisted paper vine, or to a branch from a tree
  • Using paper dolls to represent each walker, and mounting these on a poster or a display in the school halls
  • Treasure hunts, nature and neighbourhood observation challenges, pedometer clubs, etc. all add interest, value and entertainment to your efforts to promote walk and bike options for the trip to school.

Child and Youth Engagement

Training and supporting groups of student leaders is an exciting way of engaging schools in walking and cycling promotion. Child and youth engagement has proven effective in the promotion of sustainable transportation with student leaders as young as Grade 4, through to Grade 12. Authentic collaboration with student leaders will ensure that activities are 'cool-proofed' and fun.

Download the child and youth engagement document here:

Links to other training resources: