Wheeling to School Activities

Learn about enabling more students to cycle to school: See our Ontario case study and resources from across Ontario:

Wheeling to School: Assessing Barriers to Cycling to School in Ontario (PDF) A collaborative pilot project between Green Communities Canada and Share the Road Cycling Coalition. This intensive four school pilot assessed barriers to cycling for elementary school children and for schools that wish to promote cycling as an active travel option in Ontario.


Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area launch first annual Bike to School Week May 25-29, 2015, was designated Bike to School Week in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). School boards, public health units, NGOs, municipalities, and regions coordinated a collective Bike to School Week to promote and support cycling to school. Visit www.biketoschoolweek.ca for full details. 

Tips for Organizing Successful School Bike Rodeos This resource, created by Green Communities' Active & Safe Routes to School, is based on experience in organizing bike rodeos at Toronto and Ottawa elementary schools.

Active and Safe Routes to School Cycling Resource Manual This manual has been created by BC's HASTe (Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions), with support from Transport Canada. HASTe staff worked with programmers and consultants from across Canada to develop this resource manual for schools looking to encourage and support students cycling to school. This manual is intended as a resource for schools, school districts, and municipalities interested in supporting and encouraging cycling trips by school community members, including students, families, and school staff. Download the manual: available in both English and French.

The iSchoolTravel Calculator helps schools and students to explore the impacts of active school travel. See how many calories are burned, the costs of fuel for cars, and the greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

Green Action Centre’s BikeWalkRoll web site allows schools to track active transportation.

Brampton Kids on Bikes final report. This project, led by BikeBrampton recommends school board, municipal and provincial support for School Travel Planning.

Getting Yukon Kids on Bikes! Read how the Recreation & Parks Association of the Yukon is creating excitement and getting children back on bikes, got to www.saferoutestoschool.ca/school-travel-planning and click on School Travel Planning: Success Stories.